Gennep Castle

Huys te Gennep (Small)

Het Genneper Huys

In a bend of the River Maas lies the ruin of Gennep Castle (known as: Genneper Huys). It was once a mighty fortress overlooking the Maas from where watch could be kept over the shipping on the river. On the eastern bank it dominates the area between the Maas and the vast forest of the Reichswald. Due to its strategic location in between the Maas and Niers rivers the fortress was difficult to take and was therefore often the scene of fierce battles.

Especially during the 80 Years War, the Dutch War of Independence, the Spanish Army and the State Troops often fought over Gennep Castle. The most well-known siege is that of Prince Frederik Hendrik in 1641 when, with an army of 20,000 men, he forced the Spanish to surrender. In those days a painting of the castle was made by the artist Salomon Ruysdael and this painting can be seen in The Louvre.

It goes without saying that Gennep Castle brought war and misery to the town of Gennep and to the Land of Maas and Niers. However the castle also brought forth an Apostle of Peace. His name is Norbertus of Gennep, son of Heribert, Lord of Gennep. St. Norbertus was born round about 1080. He founded the Order of Norbertines also known as Premonstratensians. A man-sized statue of him can not only be found on the Market Square of Gennep and in the German town of Xanten but also on the Charles Bridge in Prague and in the Saint Peter in Rome. He was buried in the Strahov Monastery in Prague. It is obvious that Norbertus of Gennep was an exceptional person.

The film of the cycling route gives you an impression of the course which follows the route the siege troops took in 1641. More information on Gennep Castle and St Norbertus of Gennep can be found in the films, routes and other cross-references on this website. In addition one can visit the Visitor’s Centre Martinus Tower and museum “het Petershuis”. In this museum, among other things, you will find a model of Gennep Castle and discoveries found during the excavations.

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Genneper Huys video's

Ooievaar bouwt nest op stadhuis

Op het historische stadhuis in Gennep heeft in het jaar 2000 een ooievaarspaar een nest gebouwd.

Sinds 2015 komen ze jaarlijks op "Beleef de Lente" en zijn ze de bekendste ooievaars van Nederland.

Via de webcam kunt u ze volgen.